Why Choose Us?

We at Silver Label Entertainment take pride in our work and it shows. When you rent from us, you are booking the gold standard in photo booths.We strive to deliver the best product tailored for your event. Our Photo Booths are actual Photo "Booths" fully automated with fun interactive touch screen prompts, not simply a curtain and person with a camera. From the look of our booths to their performance, our quality, price and satisfaction is unmatched. All of our photo booths are equipped with professional grade D-SLR cameras and professional studio lights, we would never consider using an onboard flash or a webcam. Our optional green screen can take you to anywhere you can imagine. We believe that our quality, customer satisfaction and testimonials speak for themselves.

We never stop innovating, improving and upgrading.

To improve upon our already high quality photo prints, we have recently upgraded our booths with higher end dye sublimation printers. This means that you receive an even better product at no extra cost. Our prices stay the same and our clients benefit.

Stay tuned for a big announcement! We have been developing a first of of it's kind, totally unique product offering that promises to be a game changer in this industry. What can it be? We hope to have it available before the new year and are excited for it's announcement.

Why Rent a Photo Booth For Your Event?

From weddings to corporate events and everything in between, a photo booth is always a great addition. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should book one for your next event:

- Fun

Plain and simple, photo booths are a lot of fun! At all the events we have done, it only takes a few guests to take the plunge and enter the booth before the fun starts rolling for the whole night. After the first photos have been taken, you just know there will be guests lining up for their turn in the booth.

- Engaging

Continuing on from the fact that it’s fun, it also helps get (and keep!) your guests engaged, up from their seats, meeting other people, having a good laugh and having a good time.

- Entertaining

Photo booths are very entertaining, you will see your guests showing their photos to each other, attempting to get the “best” photo of the night and getting very creative. It’s fun for us to watch, but even more fun for the guests at your event. Even months after your event has passed, it’s fun to go back and see all the photos for a second time.

- Kids / Shy Guests

Some of the best compliments that we have received are that the photo booth provides an outlet or an activity for children at the event and that it helps your shy cousin who may not be into dancing get into the fun.

- Memorable

This is one of our favourite reasons to rent a photo booth! At friends’ houses or on Facebook, we still see photos from the photo booth from weddings or other events that they have attended – everyone loves them and the photos are a fun reminder of the event. It’s a great way to have some candid photos of everyone at your event, and at the same time, to provide your guests with a souvenir. And… you get a digital copy of every photo taken!